Thursday, 11 March 2010



I mean what do people do?

Ok, so usually I'm so busy with a show and a relationship that I don't have time to ever feel bored. Time off is a rarity and is usually spent with my nearest and dearest eating pizza and drinking milkshake in bed. But now....I honestly can't think of anything to do.

I've watched movie after movie, I've worked my way through ALL of Sex and the City, I've eaten copious amounts of doritos, I've got drunk alone, I've gone to the theatre alone, I've read books and plays, I've cleaned everything, I've decorated but now I'm bored. And I was bored all along really.


Maybe this is what happens when your hobby is your job. I don't even sing very much at the moment. 1, because it annoys my new non-musical housemates and 2, every time I sing it reminds me of what I'm not doing anymore. It reminds me of how endlessly boring my life is without singing.

I really can't go on like this. It comes back to that waiting that I wrote about. I'm literally waiting for my life to pass me by. I don't have anyone to share it with. By the time I find someone to share it with I'll be so closed off and set in my boring ways I'll have forgotten how to function with someone else in my life!

So I'll try and write.

...before I go mad.

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