Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Where is that man? Who? You know, the love of my life? That one person that epitomises perfection in his being. His stature being bigger than mine so that I feel safe, protected. His muscles that aren't too muscley. Him with his ability to sing, dance and act and make my knees go wobbly everytime he steps onstage. Him the the rockstar edge and rockstar ability neatly hidden away for family meals. He who loves to spend time with me, talking about the universe, he who wants to be quiet, who just wants to sit. He who makes me want to jump on him just by looking at me. Him with his always knowing the right thing to say apart from the times when he doesn't but it doesn't matter because he's passionate about it and beleives he's right. Him and his ability to calm me with his touch. Him with his magical eyes that I could gaze into for hours. He who cannot look bad in a suit. He who makes me laugh until I cry. Him and the effortless way he can pick me up and put me to bed when I fall asleep on the sofa. Him and the way he believes in me. He who hates everyone I hate. He who never feels like an effort, he who I could never be without.

You seen him?

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